About Us

Sassy Suga®, LLC is a licensed lip gloss production company located in the city of Los Angeles.  We are in the cosmetic & beauty care, to produce lip gloss, lip sticks, lip oils, lip stains, lip pencils, and lip care products such as scrubs and conditioners for lips. We also have our add on beauty products to enhance lips such as lashes, color palettes, and highlighters. Sassy Suga is a lip service to give care to lips to create a smooth and hydrated lip with a hint of added color.

Our lip products add shine to the lips with or without color in unique perfectly packaged tubes. Our color lip gloss adds a combination of color and shine giving lips a wet and moisturized look and feel. 

Our products are available in various colors and flavors, giving all-day protection and helping your lips stay hydrated. 

Your lips are beautiful so become your own kind of beautiful with sexy lips. Our products are vegan and cruelty free helping to cure your kisses with soft kissable lips. Sassy Suga is a lip service that will massage, exfoliate, condition, and to heal your lips before adding Sassy Suga beautiful lip colors to make a statement with your lips. All your lips need is Sassy Suga lips to kiss the world better.