Sassy Suga

I always have something sassy to say so my best make up tool on any day is my lip gloss. Lip gloss always make lips feel moisturized and look wet. Lip gloss was my only substitute for lipsticks avoiding dry looking lips when saying something sassy. I would add lip gloss to lipstick for shine and a hint of color on my lips. Sassy Suga® was created to enhance my lips with the colors I created. And while keeping my lips looking smooth and hydrated with the beauty product most people use, lip gloss. Located in Los Angeles my unique and perfectly packaged lip products exfoliates, conditions, and colors lips with lip glosses, lipsticks, and lip care products all vegan and cruelty free. We also have our add on beauty products to enhance lips with lashes, color palettes, highlighters and with more cosmetics to come. Lip gloss speaks louder than words so kiss the world better with Sassy Suga.